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This one tool will show you the CORE aspects of maintaining high vitality in your life. More energy, better focus, favorable emotional states, and behaviors that will nudge you towards greater vitality so you can enjoy life. 

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The Vitality Assessment
What questions do you ask yourself to gauge where you are in life?

How do you measure success?

You know there is nothing wrong with you, however, you also know that there is something more, that if you just got a hold of, you'd be able to make a difference in your life, yet, it is difficult for you to pinpoint what that something more is.

You think that work is a large part of the answer, however you question its value outside of paying the bills.

You feel like moments of pure joy aren't as frequent as they could be and stress is a never ending cycle.

What do you 'fix'? Which solutions should you implement? The hunt starts and you find that in the heat of the moment, when push comes to shove, the solutions that you try are not sustainable, and you easily fall back to old habits or feel stuck in a rut.

Good News. That Changes For You With The Vitality Assessment!

This assessment will give you a good idea of where to start. Which areas of your life might be out of balance and how you can start claiming back control of it. I charge at least $300 for assessments like this to my clients. 

The Vitality Assessment takes the guesswork out of which areas of your life are out of balance by auditing three key areas of your life related to your mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being.

This was designed after careful study of client after client realizing that they needed to change somehow because they weren't pursuing their true passions in life, or they were consumed by work, or just unhappy, yet didn't know what exactly they needed to work on

Guessing that one skill or another might help, or by plowing through work and life, thinking that things would eventually turn out better only to find oneself stuck in a rut is not a sustainable solution.

The assessment was designed after considering psychological literature, taking into account mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of our personality.
The great things is that it is very simple, yet highly insightful.

It's difficult to improve unless you can identify which areas need improvement, this assessment is a research based tool that does EXCATLY that. 

A tool that is designed to do two things:

  i. Provide a clear indication of which areas you need to focus on mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally.

  ii. Offer a number of ways mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally in which you can immediately start taking action to create a balanced, stress free, and happy life for yourself.

Yes, this is not just a diagnostic tool, but actually gives you insights into areas of your life that you can immediately start to work on. How cool is that?

Normally, people pay me a lot of money for one piece of advice that this tool offers, in this tool I offer multiple ways to help you!

Are you starting to see
the life-changing VALUE here?

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